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The Thai Massage  a unique treatment  techniques  that has influence  to the whole body. It improves mobility and relieves tension. The circulation of the connective tissue of the skin and muscles is  improved  through special pressure  applied specific on acupressure points, internal organs function are positively improved. The Traditional Thai massage is suitable for the relief of any pain or any discomfort be it back or neck.
Traditional Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Oil Massage
Thai oil massage treatment is performed with warm oil. The oil is applied with gentle, uniform circular motion and massaged in to the skin making it smooth,soft and nourished. Oil massage is especially good for those who are exposed to a hectic and stressful daily life and those who seek harmony and inner balance. The massage provides a soothing relaxation.
Thai Foot Massage
The massage begins with a revitalizing foot bath, followed by a massage of the feet, calves and knees with oil or herbal cream.  This will  be intensified with the help  of  a special printing technique and using a wooden tool. Thai foot massage is particularly suitable for those who have to stand or sit a lot. The massage improves blood circulation in the legs and promotes relief for stressed feet.  
Herbal Stamp Massage
The herbal stamp massage begins with a warm oil massage  which is applied with soft and even movements. Steam heated herbal stamps are then pressed on the body using a special technique along the energy lines with smooth strokes and curly movements. The heat and the herbs stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and relieves pain.
Aroma Oil Massage
The aromatherapy massage is combined with relaxing Thai oil massage  using a blend of  essential oils to suite your mood. The oils are warmed applied in drips and massaged in smooth and gentle movements. The aroma oil massage activates all senses a soothing relaxation for the body, mind and soul.  
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